Improve Your Credit

Understanding the CPNS

Here’s a definition of a CPN Number (Credit Privacy Number) / SCN Number (Secondary Credit Number). It is a unique nine digit identification number that is used to report financial information to each of the three credit bureaus. A CPN NUMBER / SCN Number is registered with the Three Credit Reporting Bureaus and the process to do so is referred to as the TRI-Merge (Submitting your personal information & the CPN / SCN to the 3 credit bureaus). From there you will then be able to have payments and financial information reported to it.

Is a CPN right for you?  It might be.  It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  In most cases its best to work with your own SSN.  If there are reasons that is not possible, a CPN/SCN ould be the answer. 

When you work with us you will realize that we provide professional services including a clear stated approach which is designed to deliver a clear understanding of the process. We also will provide you with top quality products that are some of the best in the industry that will assist you.

Our CPN Number / SCN Number Program Goal

The goal is to assign you with a CPN Number (Credit Privacy Number) / SCN Number (Secondary Credit Number) which will be separate from your social security number as well as your old credit profile. We will TRI-Merge the CPN Number / SCN Number and your information with the three credit reporting Bureaus. This will give you a new start within 7 days.

Our Tradeline / Tradelines Program Goal

Our Company goal is to assign / post to your CPN Number, SCN Number, Social Security Number, EIN, etc. ONE Tradeline, TWO Tradelines, THREE Tradelines & more as much as you need to get the desired results (FICO SCORE) you are looking for (within 30-60 days).

Understanding Tradelines

What if I Currently Have Bad Credit?

If you presently have bad credit, building it back up positively happens just the same way it came down in the first place.  First the negatives get removed.  Then you open new credit accounts of various types and make all your payments on time. Be aware that if the negatives are not removed, it may take longer to rebuild your credit than it originally took simply because those negative marks will remain as part of your credit report for quite some time.

Why Would Someone Want to Buy a Tradeline?

Tradelines are what make up the vast majority of a person’s credit report. These are credit cards, lines of credit, installment and mortgage loans, etc.  The more of these positive “tradelines” on your credit report the better.  To build your credit, you need to open new credit accounts of different types and then make all your payments on time. By doing this you should have good credit within a certain period of time.  However, when recovering from bad credit, many lenders are not willing to give you a large line of credit.  This can make building your credit back up a slow process.

How Can We Help?

When purchasing authorized user tradelines, when you get added to the credit card as an authorized user – but it will not display on a credit report when the person was added. For example, if John is added as an authorized user on Susan’s credit card that is 20 years old, it will simply appear as a 20-year-old credit card that John has on his credit report with an authorized user status. Therefore, the credit scoring algorithms just assume Bill has been on this card for 20 years. If the tradeline has a perfect payment history that is great to have in your credit report.
And while there may be several utilization ratios at play in the secret credit score algorithm, an authorized user tradeline can play a factor in the overall utilization ratio.
Since the credit scoring algorithms are secrets, no one knows exactly how it works. There are a lot of inferences, correlations, and guessing that has taken place to have a decent understanding of the way credit scores work.

Which Tradelines Should I Buy?

In short, you only want to add tradelines that are superior in age and credit limit to what you currently have in your credit report. If you currently have high utilization, new higher limit tradelines may help with your overall utilization ratios. You should also know what your average age of accounts currently is and you would only want to add tradelines that may increase your average age of accounts in a meaningful way. We have a Tradeline Calculator to help you calculate these ratios quick and easy.
While we do not offer any guarantees on specific results, we do guarantee that your tradelines will report on your credit report. We are here to help decide if tradelines will benefit and if so, which ones.

Authorized User Tradelines vs. Primary Tradelines

In an authorized user position, the account will appear on someone’s credit report but authorized users do not have any financial responsibility for that account. Therefore, many people think that primary accounts are better.
A primary tradeline is an account that an individual has in their name where the creditor has extended some form of credit to that person specifically. They are financially responsible for that account and this is reflected on that person’s credit report.  The goal of someone trying to build their credit should be to open their own primary accounts and keep those accounts in good standing forever. In this way, primary accounts are the best.
However, in the industry of buying and selling tradelines, trying to purchase a primary tradeline may be full of pitfalls, scams, and other schemes.  Please ask us about the latest developments in this market and we are happy to hep you.
With the removal of negatives and the addition of authorized user tradelines and (possibly) primary tradelines you can be equipped with a powerful credit profile.

What Is a Seasoned Tradeline?

The word “seasoned” refers to time. A seasoned tradeline has been open for a certain period of time. Each financial institution that extends credit will define how much seasoning they are looking for but in general any account under two years would not be considered seasoned. In other words, two years is the minimum amount of time that would possibly qualify a tradeline to be considered seasoned. In short, the more seasoned the better.